Dear creative, spirit-minded coach, counselor, healer, trainer, author and consultant,

I know that you want to make a big difference.

You also want to have a sustainable business.

The fastest way to do both of those things is to create PROFITABLE products that TRANSFORM lives. This one thing will open doors to INFINITE possibilities.

Creating your own product (or two or three) is not just something that would be nice to do someday, or a fun creative expression.

Developing your own intellectual property is the most important and powerful method you have to stand out, become the person you are meant to be and expand your earning potential.

Imagine having a steady flow of clients - not just any client, but clients that are a perfect match for you. And how about a stream of passive income? What a good feeling to see money roll in without being present. And then things really start to get interesting as opportunities arrive to participate in tele-summits, live events and give-aways. These kind of opportunities can catapult your visibility and your sales.

You may have ideas right now and have even been thinking about creating products for awhile but for some reason it just isn’t happening.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

My creative ideas are on the back-burner because I’m just too busy.

I’m not sure my ideas are good enough (or original enough).

I don’t think I have anything new to add to the conversation.

It feels like it’s just too much work and I don’t even know where to start.


I’ve started and stopped a few times and get distracted easily.

I have TOO many ideas and can’t choose.

I know you have ideas brewing that will be fun for you to create and that will make a difference for your business.

Maybe you are wondering; "Can I really do this? Can I create successful products that will catapult my business?"

YES, you can! And I can help you do it!

Together we will create a path unique for you. One that allows you to trust your internal wisdom, sustain your creative sensibility, honor your mind, body and spirit and challenge anything that gets. And you don't have to do it alone or create in a vacuum. You receive awesome support, inspiration and mentoring.

No matter what you are trying to create, if you have tried to birth creative ideas before, you know there are a multitude of ways to get distracted and off track from creating the things you are meant to create.

Things like; overwhelm, procrastination, not knowing how, technical glitches, lack of grounding, lack of resources and feeling disconnected from your own deep wisdom and value.

Too many people fail to create what they are being called to create - I don't want that to be you!

I know the ups and downs of the creative process, the false starts, the uncertainty when you don't know how to do something and the occasional procrastination. I also know the JOY and EXCITEMENT of holding a new product in your hands for the first time and seeing it grow to be a consistent best seller.

I understand the world of products in a way that no one else does. I create products, I sell other people's products in my online store, I see what sells and what doesn't. I review products for choice, the magazine of professional coaching and I mentor and teach others to create and produce products. I have a gift for seeing where the product possibilities are in your business and I understand the nuts and bolts of making those ideas real and working for you.

Every highly successful coach, counselor or healer has their own products and signature programs!

If you are putting your creative ideas on the back-burner and letting your to-do list and putting out "fires" run your business you are sabotaging your success potential!

It’s time to stop dismissing those amazing creative urges that will give you the success you seek.

I’ve put together the Products, Profits and Possibilities Club to help you create your own products, set up new revenue streams and set the stage for amazing opportunities.

I hope you will join me and choose to create what is calling to be created.

To Your Creative Success!
Marcy Nelson-Garrison MA LP CPCC

Introducing......The Products, Profits & Possibilities Club!

The Products, Profits and Possibilities Club will give you the creative incubator and practical know how you need to create products and programs that will take your business to a new level. You will discover…..

Systems and training that will support you every step of your product development journey - from concept to production to distribution. You will be able to stay focused.

Step-by Step guidance to insure you will create a successful product, aligned with your business model and your gifts.

Strategies and processes to break down your goals into do-able steps, preventing overwhelm and making the experience easy, fun and impactful.

A network of like-minded professional also committed to birthing something new who can offer you support, encouragement and feedback in a safe environment.


Encouragement - Lots of it - just being being in the creative energy of others will fuel your own creativity and development.

Answers to your specific product development questions from an expert so you can relax and enjoy the creative process and focus on putting your plans into action.

AND a REAL deadline to insure completion and gain the experience of putting yourself out there.

You are ready to create something from your personal journey, from your deep wisdom, something authentic that touches lives, opens door and catapults your business.

You want to create streams of new and passive income

You are stuck in a pattern of imitating the status quo and want to break free and claim something of your own.

You want more clients, speaking opportunities and joint venture opportunities.

You want to finally follow through on your ideas and experience that sweet feeling of creative success.

The 3 P Club will move you towards completion on the creative projects calling to you. Get ready to build a foundation for business growth, professional credibility and infinite posibilities!

The Products, Profits & Possibilities Club is a 6 Month Group Mentoring & Mastermind Program

Next start date is early February, 2018
Day & Time TBD

12 Two Hour Group Mentoring Sessions

Meet twice a month to report on progress, get laser coaching, ask how to questions,
support each other and keep momentum going.

6 Virtual Group Work Sessions

It’s always a challenge to make time in your schedule for product development. Once a month
we will designate a two hour block of time where we all check in, declare what we will
accomplish and then go do it. We will then check back in to share and celebrate.

12 Product Development Training Modules

Topics covered include: originality and authentic voice, taking a stand, research basics, going digital, distribution, shopping carts, sales pages, dealing with resistance and more. Modules are accessed through a private members only platform.

Bonus Product ‘How To’ Guides and Worksheets

These step by step guidelines will help answer specific questions. The How To
Guides will cover topics like; how to create an ebook, how to hire suppliers and how to set up a landing page. They will also be available via the password protected page so you can access the ones you need when you need them.

Resource List

You will get access to valuable resources, over 50, to help with your product development needs - invaluable!

Private Facebook Group

This is a place to report on progress, expand interaction with each other, ask questions, bounce ideas off each other and share your wisdom and resources. Thatís part of the beauty of being in a group. This is also a place to share something you want us to look at during a group session.

Non-Disclosure agreement among group members to protect creative ideas.

All members are asked to sign and post this agreement. Your ideas are protected.

Co-Promoted List Building Giveaway Event

At the end of the program you have the amazing opportunity to participate in a co-promoted giveaway event, guaranteed to build your list. Month 7 of the PPP group program is a bonus month to prepare for the event. Deadlines are amazing motivators!

Here's The Recap:

12 Group Sessions, 6 Virtual Group Work Sessions Calls, 12 Product Development Training Modules, Product Specific Tutorials, Product Development Resources PLUS A Co-Promoted List Building Event!

Everyone I’ve talked to has been excited about how much they get for their investment in the program.

My intention was to create something that gives you everything you need to succeed and at a cost that is affordable - especially when compared to some of the other programs out there and certainly when compared to a private coaching package.

You get 12 group mentoring sessions, 6 implementation sessions, 12 product development training modules, a private online forum AND a built in REAL deadline in the form of a co-promoted launch party.

For all of this you pay only 6 payments of $495 each or make one single payment of $2495 (saving you $475)

This is an investment in YOU, YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and YOUR BUSINESS FOUNDATION. It will continue to grow and increase profits and possibilities long after the group program ends.

Join now because your dream to have passive income streams and a thriving business is absolutely doable.

Join now because it’s time to say yes to your voice and your wisdom!

Join now because later almost always means never.

It’s time to break the back-burner habit.

Join me and lets create products and programs that change lives.



Regular pricing: Full Pay: $2495 / 6 Payments of $495



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