Your Product Creation Success Kit

The Product Creation Success Kit is designed to give you a serious jump start on creating your first, second or even third product.

I'm so excited to offer you this free gift. Creating a product is exciting!

I know you have gifts, wisdom and experience that will make a difference for others. Thats a given! And I know there are many ways to express those gifts and share your wisdom with others.

The first step is claiming your wisdom! I mean really stepping into it, owning it, valuing it! This is a really big deal for many and very empowering. The second step is finding the right creative vehicle for it - a product, a program, a body of work, a keynote etc. The third step is making sure it honors you - the creator, with sufficient revenue to sustain the work you are meant to do.

Your Product Creation Success Kit includes:

The P.I.N.K. Product Process Map
The Map walks you through the 3 phases of the Product Creation Process and the key questions you need to answer before moving on to the next phase.

Product Creation Q & A: Your Top 10 "How To" Questions Answered - MP3 Audio Download & Transcript
As Your Product Mentor I answer the top 10 questions I get asked about product development. I cover everything from how to work with a designer to getting a prototype made to distribution possibilities. It's so chock full of information and resources you will want to take notes.

A Product Possibilities Session with Marcy Nelson-Garrison
This is your opportunity to spend time with a product mentor. Get input on your product idea and strategize next steps.

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