Stake Your Claim, Build Your Brand & Become a Beacon for Ideal
Clients who LOVE Working With You

Are you able to articulate the truth you know in your bones, the vision you hold for your clients and the fierce love you have for them?

Not being able to articulate your core truths in a way that creates resonance and connection means you are losing out on business or attracting the wrong clients.

When you know what you believe in and what you stand for - and you create from that space - thats where the MAGIC happens.

When you get this right...Your ideal client will breathe a sigh of much-needed relief, jump for joy, and know in her heart that someone out there finally gets her and is creating exactly what she needs.

And YOU will have more courage, clarity, direction and business!

Traditional branding and marketing processes will only take you so far, and what'sworse, they might lead you off track. Effective marketing today is all about connection and relationship, and to build both you must risk being seen in a new and powerful way.

If you "play it safe", come from a polite, don't rock the boat place you won't get the results you want and not getting the results you want takes a toll on your sense of self and your bottom line. It can even lead to self doubt and you might even begin to question whether you are on the right path.

Are you currently:

Don't give up! You can change things up and turn things around,

What you need to do is become a bright shining beacon that draws your ideal clients to you like a moth to a flame...

What you need to do is develop a powerful authentic, passionate, courageous, stake-in-the-ground presence that your ideal clients find irresistible...

What you need to do is...

Writing a manifesto is a powerful way for you to

It'll lead you down a path of self-discovery that lights a fire within your heart. and that passion you feel and express - it's good for business.

A manifesto is not a mission statement. A manifesto is a declaration of truths intended to connect with your reader's heart.

It exudes emotion. It takes a stand. It advocates for your client's best life. It is all about relationship, making it a perfect business tool for heart-centered professionals.

Writing your Manifesto will help you...

A manifesto is definitely primal - it is deep level soul work. It has the power to inspire, provoke, and create a tribe - your tribe!

It takes courage to speak your truth and step into the arena, but I know you have it in you!. And I'm here to help you bring your truth forward.

With the Manifesto Magic Online Course, I'll walk you step-by-step through the process of writing your own powerful Manifesto.

Hi, I'm Marcy Nelson-Garrison, and before I created this online course, I taught this same material for several years through an in-person live course to heart-centered entrepreneurs just like you…with exceptional results.

Through years of teaching, working with clients, and personal experience, I know the ins and outs of crafting an effective manifesto...and why it's so important that you go through the process of writing your own.

1. Why your Manifesto is your Business Superhero
A manifesto in its finished state provides your core branding. It is a declaration of your authentic message expressed in a way that is unique to you. It moves you out of the "good enough" field and places you right into the daring greatly arena!

2. Your authentic and powerful manifesto declarations become a beacon for your perfect client.
Authenticity sells and your ideal client will have no doubt about who you are and the stand you will take for them. This makes you very attractive.

3. Your manifesto becomes a true north compass for making business decisions.
You will have a clear path to determine which joint venture opportunity to pursue or which product idea to develop. No more going in a million directions.

4. Your manifesto becomes the perfect foundation for creating powerful programs, products and presentations. 
You have solid footings to create with passion and integrity. This can be felt.

Manifestos Create Impact—A Case Study

One of my clients, an experienced chiropractor, wrote a beautiful manifesto but had huge trepidation around putting it “out there.” She was concerned with professionalism and not wanting to step outside the status quo for her industry.

In spite of her discomfort she took the courageous leap and posted her manifesto on her website. She was truly blown away by the response. She attracted more clients, and, most importantly—they ALL resonated on a deep spiritual level to her manifesto.

That's the marketing MAGIC of a Manifesto.

But don’t just take my word for it. See what others are saying about the power of manifestos and the journey you’ll take with the Manifesto Magic Online Course…

Are you ready to own what you know, claim your personal authority and create from an honest, clear, passionate voice?  


A Five Module Creative Process to
Write A Powerful Manifesto For Your Business





Here's what you get:

Manifesto Magic will give you a safe place to explore what’s true for you. It’ll help you create a powerful manifesto that means something both to you and to the people you are here to serve.

The creative tools, content, and experiential exercises are grouped into 5 modules, each building upon the next. Each module is self-paced and contains bite size sections, making it easy to return to a specific exercise without having to listen to the entire lesson.

Each modules or lesson Includes:

As a course participant, you’ll also have access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded souls, share your insights, and feel supported on your manifesto journey.

Module 1 - Setting the Stage
In this module you get some context, learn the elements of a manifesto and dive right in with creative exercises to help you choose a focus and begin to explore your wisdom and beliefs.

Module 2 - Rebel With a Cause
Continue the process of claiming your wisdom and begin to peel back the layers, exploring language and meaning. You also meet your inner rebel.

Module 3 - Overcomning Obstacles
Dip into your courage, notice fear and vulnerability, and receive tools to challenge obstacles. You will also begin to narrow in the focus of your manifesto.

Module 4 - Find Your Voice
Begin to bring in your personal expression to the content that’s unfolding, and explore the important role of emotion.

Module 5 - Pulling It all together
Bring in your personal style and flair. You will learn how to use your manifesto to inform your product funnel and make business decisions.

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P.S. Give your business the boost it needs with Manifesto Magic. Unleash your powerful inner truths and make a statement that builds your brand and attracts the kind of clients you dream of working with.