The Gallery

Besides being a Coach, product mentor and online store owner, I am also a visual artist.
Here's a sampling of of my work - Signed Limited Edition Giclee prints are available for these pieces and I will be adding more over time. Contact me if you are interested. You can read my "artist Statement" below the art images.


Blessed, Charcoal and Pastel



Prairie Rhythms, Charcoal



Unconstrained, Charcoal





Not an Ordinary Night, Charcoal and Pastel


Goddess Series - Afternoon Joy, oil on paper collage elements and pastel


Still Standing, Charcoal and Pastel


Goddess Series - Evening Gold, oil on paper collage elements and pastel




Dancing the Universe Awake, Charcoal, Pastel and Collage elements







Forest Journey, oil on paper collage elements and pastel






Whether Urban or wilderness, nature offers sensual delights, a bit of mystery and a window into the sacred. Through color, texture and the interplay of light, I try to capture a sense of place, touch the sacred and explore how it relates to the inner landscape. The edition of the female form in some of my work is a new direction and speaks to the archetypal feminine and it's close relationship with the natural world and those energies that come from the unseen.

We are always somewhere – geographically planted but internally, we are constantly in motion traversing a myriad of thoughts, feelings, intuitions and prayers. We wait for those magical moments when an aha, insight or the next creative idea surfaces to take center stage.

It's like that sliver of light breaking through the canopy of trees to highlight a single stone or a patch of earth. You can't help but notice it. It can change the journey.