A Powerful Six Month Program for Women


Dear creative, spirit-minded coach, counselor, healer, trainer and consultant,

It's more important than ever to bring your wisdom and expertise forward in the world

There is a new movement unfolding that is calling for women's consciousness and wisdom to engage fully in transforming the world we live in. The time is ripe for your creative work, your voice and your power!

Creating an authentic heart-centered (P.I.N.K.) product or program is a great way to take your business to a new level, AND products are amazing tools for education, inspiration and transformation. Thats what we are all really about, isn't it? Transforming the world.

Think about it for a minute – What do you want to change?

Whats the wisdom and expertise that you want to protect and pass on?


No matter what you are trying to create, if you have tried to birth creative ideas before, you know there are a multitude of ways to get distracted and off track from creating the things you are meant to create.

Things like; overwhelm, procrastination, not knowing how, technical glitches, lack of grounding, lack of resources .....

AND THE MOST PAINFUL ONE OF ALL - Feeling disconnected from your own deep wisdom and value.

Here are some of the ways we disconnect from our deep feminine wisdom:

Ignoring our interior life

Not taking time for creativity

Filling our lives up with so much busyness there isn't time to hear our own intuitive guidance

Doing everything alone – for women, community is like oxygen.

Do any of these resonate with you?

I want you to know that there is a new way to create! A way that allows you to create from a deeper place, trust your internal wisdom, sustain your creative sensibility, honor your mind, body and spirit and challenge anything that gets in the way.



P.I.N.K. Is a revolutionary new way of working and leading in the world.


P.I.N.K. stands for Power, Imagination, Nurturing and Knowing. It's about reclaiming the wisdom and gifts of the feminine and learning how to balance and integrate masculine and feminine energies.

When applied to Products and Programs - it's a powerful come from place.

Authentic power is compelling. Imagination and creative play adds color, pizazz and your own innovative flavor to your creation. Nurturing yourself, your clients and your creative ideas is a deeply honoring way to be in the world and when you create from love, it can be felt. Being willing to know what you know, listening to both head and intuitive guidance provides the heart of your content.

No more teaching other peoples wisdom – its about sharing your own message!



You are ready to create something from your journey, from your deep wisdom, something authentic that touches lives, opens door and catapults your business.

You are stuck in a pattern of imitating the status quo and want to break free and claim something of your own.

You want more clients, speaking and joint venture opportunities .

You want a deadline, support and the information you need to actually complete a project in a timely way.


This could be you by next Fall! You will be asked to focus on a creative project related to your business growth, a global cause or professional development. Examples include but are not limited to: a signature program, a book or workbook, a virtual event or a high-end program,



Claim Your Authentic Voice

Have you been doing all the things the gurus tell you to do and still not acheiving success? It's time to stop imitating your teachers and claim that which is uniquely your own. Learn the 5 elements to finding your authentic voice.

Create From the Deep Feminine

The gifts of the feminine include intuition, creativity, collaboration and connection. The energy is unleashed as group members claim their deep wisdom and bring it forward. Powerful choices are made that align both head and heart.

Face Your Fears

The energy of fear can interfere with progress on your project and your big vision. Learn powerful tools to face fears and resistance head on and claim success, joy and unfolding possibility.

Explore Money and Creativity

We often have more skeptics in our lives than we do champions. The truth is, money and creativity belong together and the partnership is powerful. Explore new money role models and structures.

Dance With Your Growing Edge

Take consistent, courageous and inspired action steps with the full support of a circle of women.

Marketing and Pricing - the P.I.N.K Paradigm way

Using both head and heart find the approach that will open the most doors. .

Create Allies and Sustenance

Learn how to nurture your business, your project and yourself.

Get the Nitty Gritty Nuts & Bolts how to info you need

Get individualized how to information when you need it - without the overwhelm. Learn about publishing, printing, distribution, research, planning, technology, marketing and more.

Complete and celebrate a Creative Project

Experience the satisfaction of completing a project and getting it out in the world working for you. There is nothing more powerful than having a group of like minded peers and a knowledgeable mentor support you every step of the way. We will share encouragement, information, resources, brainstorming, challenges, and celebrations. I will offer exercises to call forth your deep wisdom and hold you to task as you move toward completion of your cherished project.


Program Structure - 14 sessions plus a launch party (6 month commitment)

Nine content focused group sessions

You will receive valuable content, participate in experiential processes and have opportunities to interact with other participants. We will celebrate successes, work through obstacles, make commitments.

Four open group MasterMind sessions plus a pre-launch party Q & A

This is a chance to bring your ideas to the group and get valuable feedback or brainstorming. We follow a respectful process developed for use in the arts for feedback. This is also a chance to ask technical questions specific to your project.

Launch Party

Once you have completed your project, you need to get it out in the world. The launch party will kick off your debut through a group promotional page and plenty of buzz via co-promotion. See a past group launch party page. Here: www.PinkLaunchParty.com

One private coaching session with Marcy

Online private group forum

This is a place to report on progress, expand interaction with each other, ask questions, bounce ideas off each other and share your wisdom and resources. That’s part of the beauty of being in a group.

Non-Disclosure agreement among group members to protect creative ideas.

All members are asked to sign and post this agreement. Your ideas are protected.

A Buddy System

for more personal support and connection throughout the 4 months

Workbook and content specific MP3 downloads

The workbook will help you stay on track and offers lots of worksheets and resources. Audios recordings will be made available relevant to group needs. Topics include: research basics, project planning, prototypes and production and product distribution.

Group size limited to 8 women

All group calls recorded


A Powerful 6 Month Program for Women

Next Group Begins in February 16, 2012

Thursdays 5:00-6:30pm Eastern, 4:00-5:30pm Central, 3:00-4:30pm Mountain, 2:00-3:30pm Pacific

Session Dates: Feb. 16, 23, Mar. 8, 22, 29, Apr. 12, 26, May 3, 17, 31, June 14, 28, July 12, (Launch Party July 26 ) Aug, 2


$1794.00 (for the full 6 month program)
(Early bird pricing $1470- ends Feb 9)


Or 6 payments of $310.00 each
(early bird pricing 6 payments of $260 each - ends Feb 9)


Questions? Contact
Marcy at coachingtoys.com or call 612-822-8720

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